Teaching Practicum is a course designed for teaching assistants and teaching fellows who will be teaching a class independently for the first time. A mainstay of the University’s commitment to graduate education, the Practicum is a practical introduction to teaching. Practicum experiences serve several purposes. They aid in relating course content to real-life settings and situations, thereby strengthening and deepening learning as well as providing opportunities to explore teaching as a profession before committing to a career. New instructors are encouraged to share concerns and experiences through class discussions, and assignments encourage graduate student instructors to create and improve classroom materials including syllabi, student assignments, and lesson plans. The experience assists in developing a network of professional contacts and possible mentors while providing practical experience. Finally, the practicum serves to evaluate professionalism and potential as a future teacher.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to classroom context
  • Teaching methods and designs
  • Designing Syllabus
    • Understanding importance of the topic/subject
    • Creating outline
    • Deciding topics/texts
    • Designing activities/teaching material
    • Feedback strategies
    • Incorporating audio-visual aids
  • Designing Assessment Criteria
    • Planning observations
    • Designing tests/assignments
    • Defining assessment criteria/rubrics
  • Practical Teaching/Classroom Instruction
    • Teaching in classroom
    • Using activities designed earlier
  • Assessing Students’ Performance
  • Writing Report Project

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