Department of Politics and International Relations

Responding to the growing need for imparting to our youth the knowledge and awareness about fast changing national, regional and global political and strategic scenarios and providing them an opportunity to gain professional training and expertise in the disciplines of Political Science and international relations, the UCP  established a new department of Politics and International Relations in 2018. For this purpose experienced and highly qualified, including foreign qualified faculty has been hired.

The newly established Department of Politics and International Relations has already launched a 4-year BS (Honours) Programme in International Relations following the HEC Guide Lines from the Fall Semester of 2018; and plans to launch a 4-year BS (Honours) Programme in Political Science from Spring Fall of 2019. The Department is also working on plans to launch M Phil/MS Programmes in International Relations and Political Science from Fall Semester of 2019. As the faculty position improves, the Department will also commence PhD Programmes in Political Science and International Relations.

Ayesha Kamal

  1. Paper, “Ethnic majoritarianism as anti-thesis to democracy: the case of Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India”, Regional Studies, Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad. (Accepted for publication)

Rashid Ahmad Khan

  1. Book Chapter, “Security in South Asia: continuity and transformation,” in Zafar Iqbal Cheema, ed. Security Dynamics and Role of Major Powers in South Asia, Strategic Vision Institute (SVI), Islamabad. (Under Process)

Rashid Ahmad Khan

  1. Book Chapter, “FATA and Federation of Pakistan,” in Ryan Brasher, ed.,  Ethno-Federalism in Pakistan, Oxford University Press (OUP). (Under Process)   

The faculty members of the Department of Politics and International Relations also contribute towards facilitating the national development process by participating as discussants in TV programmes and writing articles/columns on important national, regional and global issues. Dr. Mohammad Ilyas Ansari has made important contributions in managing/supervising literary and cultural activities in the UCP in his capacity as Patron of Character-Building Society of the UCP.