Dr. Ahmad Shabbar Kazmi
Ph.D., Computer Engineering, Boston University, USA
MS, Computer Engineering, Boston University, USA

Dr.AhmadCentre for Game Design

The Faculty of IT at UCP has launched Pakistan’s first game design centre to facilitate students who want to specialize in game design, especially in the EdTech space. This first of its kind centre is helping to further diversify the IT industry of Pakistan to enter the global game design market and building linkages between the computer game industry, computer scientists and instruction designers in academia. The primary focus of this Centre is on developing educational games and learning applications that provide an immersive experience where learners gain an intuitive understanding of critical building blocks in mathematics, kinematics and language learning. These solutions are currently being refined using feedback from the target user base – students, primarily in grades 6 to 8.

In addition to introducing game design programs at multiple levels of education, the Centre aims to conduct research and support entrepreneurs to promote the local game industry. It supports individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs by providing them with various resources, mentorship and even in developing and marketing their products. The Centre provides the perfect platform to students from all disciplines to start their careers in the computer game industry.