Dr. Atif Mehdi
Ph.D., University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

Centre for Robotics & Security Dr.Atif

The Centre for Robotics & Security focuses on solving real-life challenges and enabling students to hone their skills with hands-on experience. At the Centre, students experiment with land-based and aerial robots, building machines with increasing levels of sophistication, such that the most advanced models, incorporating artificial intelligence, can play football or undertake surveillance tasks. The designing, modelling and controlling methods taught at the Centre equip the students with the skill set to enter the industry with confidence.

Recently, the Centre has started developing autonomous robots and remotely operated machines to address a wide variety of security challenges. One of the initiatives launched by this Centre is to provide a comprehensive security solution to educational institutions. The Centre is also running projects to automate agriculture, which is the backbone of the country. Visits by members of the Centre to collaborating European research institutes and vice versa are a regular feature of the Centre’s work.