Prof. Dr. Shahid S. Siddiqi
Ph.D., Computational Mathematics, Brunel University

Dr.Shahid Conseil for Mathematics Teaching and Research

A major challenge faced by universities around the world is poor learning achievement in mathematics courses. The faculty recognizes this fundamental problem and has moved to address it with the establishment of the Conseil for Mathematics Teaching and Research, the first of its type in our country. We believe that every student in Pakistan can learn mathematics – appreciate the beauty behind it and use it to solve daily life as well as challenging problems.

We find a general disconnect between abstract representations and the range of real-life scenarios that such representations apply to. This is a direct consequence of the prevalent attitude towards teaching and assessment with its focus on formulae, numerical accuracy and correct application of prescribed method.

Through this endeavour, the aim is to re-introduce the sheer joy of learning a new and incredibly powerful language and the wonder its possibilities inspire in the learner. We are thus aligned with David Wheeler’s succinct statement of intent; it is “more useful to know how to mathematize than to know a lot of mathematics”.