PhD Linguistics


  • Category No of Courses Cr. Hrs.
  • Core Courses 2 06
  • Elective Courses 4 12
  • Thesis1 30
  • Total48

Road Map

Semester 1

  • Year 1,

    Sr. No. Course Name Code Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Advances in Research Methods EL74133
  • 2Elective 01 EL74133
  • 3Elective 02 EL74133
  • Year 1, Semester-2

    Sr. No. Course Name Code Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Contemporary Linguistic Theories EL84133
  • 2Elective 03 EL84133
  • 3Elective 04 EL84133
  • Year 1, Semester-3

    Sr. No. Course Name Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Comprehensive Exam 0
  • 2Synopsis Defense 0
  • Year 1, Semester-4

    Sr. No. Course Name Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Research work/ Thesis 0

Admission Criteria

  • A minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00 in the semester system or 60% in an annual system in M.Phil./MS Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, ELT, TESOL
  • All applicants are required to pass UCP Admission Test and interview
  • Prospects

    PhD Linguistics program opens career prospects in higher education in Pakistan. This program allows a high degree of flexibility and specialization and is designed to encourage students to advance quickly to producing original research. Students may choose any of several standard areas of specialization or design their own specialization with the help of their faculty advisor. The program prepares the graduates for a diverse range of professional fields including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, and the software industry.

    Fee Structure

    PhD Linguistics

    • Sr. No. COURSE NAME Per Credit Hour Fee Admission Fee Total Credit Hours Degree Fee
    • 1PhD Linguistics 9,570 25,000484,84,360

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