PhD Business Administration

The Ph.D. in Business Administration program aims at ensuring instilment of current concepts and knowledge of a specific discipline in business administration and inculcating the art of exploring beyond existing horizons. UCP provides a healthy environment for students who want to acquire research skills and bring prominent improvements in existing management practices. Apart from exploring the unexplored, the program focuses on filling gaps in the current literature. The course work and directed research proposition enable preparing and instructing with the target of delivering graduates who have the ability to conduct research independently at a high level of creativity and quality.

Our PhD program encourages the discovery of new facts, formulation of new concepts and theories as well as the innovative reinterpretation of established ideas. We focus on improving the field of research in management sciences.


  • 18 Cr. Hrs. Course Work with minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00
  • Comprehensive Examination (written and oral)
  • Synopsis Defense
  • 30 Cr. Hrs. Research Work
  • Publication of at least one research paper in HEC approved journal
  • Dissertation Foreign Reviews
  • Dissertation Final Defense
  • Note: PhD scholars are required to comply with the following timeline:

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Administration is an internationally recognized research qualification which allows professionals, managers and academicians to apply advanced research skills and techniques to describe explain and improve existing management practices in a scientific manner. The UCP PhD degree program in Business Administration comprises of course work and supervised research thesis provides training and education with the objective of producing graduates who have the capacity to conduct research independently at high level of originality and quality. The goal of PhD research is to contribute to existing body of knowledge by filling gaps in the current literature. This aim can be achieved when a PhD candidate uncovers new knowledge either by discovery of new facts, formulation of new concepts and theories or the innovative reinterpretation of established ideas.

Our doctoral program aims to produce graduates who can initiate genuine and indigenous ideas to not only enrich the field of research but to address current governance and management challenges of Pakistan. This program is for graduates seeking to extend and deepen their knowledge by undertaking an appropriate research investigation under the supervision of academic staff of UCP Business School.

Program Objectives:

  • The Program aims:
  • To produce graduates committed to excellence in research and teaching
  • To inculcate a strong grasp of the philosophy of research in management studies
  • To train students for undertaking self-directed scientific research and producing high-quality outcomes.

Road Map

  • Sr. No. Activity Preferred Time Maximum
  • 1Course Work2 Semesters3 Semesters
  • 2Comprehensive Exam3 Semesters4 Semesters
  • 3Synopsis Qualification4 Semesters6 Semesters
  • 4Thesis Submission6 Semesters14 Semesters (7 Years)

Admission Criteria

  • At least 3.00 CGPA or 60% marks in case of annual system in MS/M.Phil. or equivalent in relevant field. The GAT – Subject with a minimum of 60% marks is required or a candidate will have to pass UCP in-house admission test and interview with 70% score.
  • A detailed admission test will be conducted to shortlist the candidates for further procedure and the qualifying score for this will be 70 %.
  • In case of GAT Subject Test (conducted by NTS) a minimum of 60% marks is required to pass the test.
  • A detailed interview will be conducted to shortlist the candidates for admission.


UCP’s doctoral program produces candidates who excel in the field of teaching and prove to be an asset to an organization’s research department as they are equipped with a wide knowledge of management which makes it easier for them to detect and solve problems in the managerial structure.

Fee Structure

PhD Business Administration

  • 1PhD Business Administration25,0008,700484,42,600

Research Work

A Student will register for each Semester during the Thesis work and will pay Fee of one Course for each Semester. A student Registered for MS/MPhil Thesis will have to pay minimum fee equal to two courses and a student registered in Ph.D Thesis will have to pay minimum fee equal to four courses.


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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