BS Accounting and Finance-BSAF is a 4-years program, which covers intensive Accounting and Finance Syllabi. There is a total of 126 credit hours including internship. The program is a mix of strong accounting and finance conceptual frameworks and soft skills needed to excel in these areas. This program also improves the technical and interpersonal skills of students.

Syllabus coverage of the courses allows the students not only to attain the BS Honors degree but also to move towards professional accounting qualifications. For the students of ICAP who have completed Certificate of Accounting and Finance-CAF, a specific scheme of study of BSAF is designed considering the courses and the areas of knowledge covered by the CAF-Passed students.

This will provide a high-quality recognized bachelor honors degree to these students. After completing the BS Accounting & Finance program the students will also be able to register in MS and Ph.D. in Accounting & Finance to enhance their qualification. In the MS program, our BSAF students also get a scholarship as the old students of the university.