Pakistan’s Real Estate has made a major contribution to its economic development. It has termed as the growth engine for the country’s economy. With proper regulation, documentation and patronage (education), Pakistan real estate has an enormous potential to contribute towards GDP growth. Keeping abreast with the modern knowledge and technology, along with growing demand, government incentives, and the support, abundant labor force, and readily available raw material, Pakistan can become a $1.5-1.7 trillion economy by 2040.

Managers of real estate are responsible for handling the property of others with the intent of maintaining value and maximizing earning potential. Students gain an understanding of valuation, development, management, and brokerage. Valuation skills are acquired through instruction in appraisal techniques, portfolio analysis, and trends that affect property values. Studies cover the administration of residential and commercial properties and affordable housing.

The benefits of the degree can be seen on a personal level as well as in career advancement. Individual growth is realized through the development of analytical and interpersonal skills. In addition, knowledge obtained in the program can be applied in students’ private lives to improve property decisions.

Skills learned in pursuing a real estate management degree are in high demand in the workplace. Graduates are equipped for employment in several different areas. Careers are available in management and development, land use planning, surveying, real estate investment, and property valuation. Graduates are also qualified to act as consultants in leasing, marketing, investment planning, and acquisition and disposal of property. The list of prospective employers includes real estate firms, apartment complexes, public housing, vacation properties, commercial business towers, industrial parks, shopping centers, and office parks.

Program Objectives

This program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To nurture young Leaders building and managing Real Estate and Construction Infrastructure Projects in alignment with modern trends and requirements.
  • To inculcate comprehensive knowledge and develop practical property business skills in students to promote Real Estate Entrepreneurship.
  • To apply in all phases of the real estate cycle-from conceptualizing, initiating, and analyzing to negotiating, financing, and closing the transaction, and as well as property sales, marketing and brokering.
  • To develop quality workforce and strategic leaders to embrace the challenges of housing sector in Pakistan.
  • To mobilize Real Estate Sector as growth engine for increasing the size of Pakistan economy.