MS Film & Digital Media

MS Film & Digital Media under the umbrella of FMMC is a unique first of its kind program in Pakistan. Film and Digital media explore the processes of storytelling from pre through postproduction including in-depth examination of the light, sound, motion, camera, editing, composition, storyboarding, scriptwriting, blocking, and field and studio.  The course guarantees an excellent disciplinary training (essential for entering the job market and for professional growth) which combines the most rigorous analytical methodologies of our academic researchers with the attested experience of professionals renowned in digital era.

At present, the digital platform for creative communication has enabled individuals, communities, and nations to express their profound visions of humanity to the world. History shows that visual communication has played an effective role in connecting lives globally. Visual storytelling, in all its historical and evolving forms, has the unique power of allowing us to experience the life of others through the imagination and perspective of the storyteller. Realizing the need to teach visual storytelling and its art extensively in ever-changing times, the 2-year MS program has been carefully designed for students who wish to integrate intensive professional training of new media with a comprehensive combination of creative communication, aesthetics, films and entrepreneurship.

Using a broad range of traditional, digital and visual communication techniques, this degree aims to bring in digital media as a medium of storytelling and social connectivity with the established art of visual storytelling of film and Digital Media. This will bring in more trained professionals who can become better entrepreneurs or academicians, fully equipped with research, theory and practical skills.


The aims and objectives of the MS. in Film and Digital Media degree program offered by FMMC are:
  1. Demonstrate a unique vision of cinematic storytelling skills through the creation of professional level media productions
  2. To provide the students a holistic view of new technologies of visual communication, instilling them with creativity and aesthetics.
  3. Demonstrate a comprehension of new and evolving media formats, as well as production techniques and concepts, in order to understand their unique implications for production.
  4. Research and produce compelling academic and narrative writings based on Film and/or New Media concepts explored during the course of study.
  5. To make the students master digital video, sound, lighting, and editing technologies.

Road Map

Semester-wise Break-up of Credit Hours

Scheme of Studies for MS Film and Digital Media

Semester I

  • Sr. No Course Name Course Code Type Category Credit Hours
  • 1Media TheoriesFTD611CompulsoryTheory3
  • 2Writing for Film & Digital MediaFTD612CompulsoryTheory3
  • 3Digital Media AestheticsFTD643CompulsoryPractical3
  • 4Film ProductionFTD634CompulsoryPractical3
  • Total Cr Hr: 12

Semester II

  • Sr. No Course Name Course Code Type Category Credit Hours
  • 1Research MethodologyFTD615CompulsoryTheory3
  • 2Post Production and Special EffectsFTD616CompulsoryStudio/Practical/Lab3
  • 3SeminarFTD617CompulsoryTheory/Practical3
  • *Elective*OptionalTheory/Practical3
  • Total Cr Hr: 12

Semester III and IV

  • Sr. No Course Name Course Code Type Category Credit Hours
  • 1Project/ThesisFTD799Thesis/ProjectPractical/Thesis3
  • Total Cr Hr: 6

*List of Elective Courses:

a) For Film:

  1. Documentary Production (FTD631)
  2. Art of Cinematography (FTD632)
  3. Film Direction (FTD633)
  4. Art of Acting (FTD635)

b)For Digital Media

  1. Virtual Reality (FTD641)
  2. Digital Media Production (FTD642)
  3. Film and Digital Media Marketing (FTD644)
  4. Media Convergence (FTD645)

Admission Criteria

MA or 16 years of education with BS (Hons.) from a recognized university, preferably in Mass Communication/Journalism, or an equivalent degree in Social Sciences with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or 50% marks.


The general market need of Pakistan and the career prospects of this degree of MS Film and Digital Media can include:
  • Cinematographer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film Director
  • Film Editor
  • Actor
  • Sound Editor
  • Producer
  • Independent Filmmaker
  • Costume Design
  • Digital Content Creator

Fee Structure

MS Film & Digital Media (2 yrs, 4 semesters)

  • 1MS Film & Digital Media25,00011,880303,81,400


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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