BS Media & Communication Studies

The BS Media & Communication programme offers a wide range of theory and practical courses which include Public Relations, Advertising, Online Journalism, Productions, Broadcast Journalism, Visual Communications, News writing and many more will help the students in acquiring expertise in various fields of the media industry.  Students will participate in a series of extension lectures, seminars and workshops by renowned Media Scholars & Professionals, to ensure that they keep up with the latest trends in the media market.

This programme ensures highly skilled media graduates who are equipped with practical experience through internships and projects lead to a successful career in the field of Media & Communication.


Each candidate of BS Media & Communication Studies degree is required to complete 134 Cr. Hrs. with the minimum CGPA of 2.0 on the scale of 4.0 as per the following detail:

  • Sr. No. Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Compulsory Courses 25
  • 2 General Courses Sciences 12
  • 3 Foundation Courses 27
  • 4Major Courses 24
  • 5Specialization Courses 36
  • 6Internship 4
  • 6Project 6
  • Total134

Road Map

  • Year 1, Semester 1

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MCHU1003English ICompulsory3
  • 2MCHU1023Pakistan StudiesCompulsory3
  • 3MC1403Introduction to Mass CommunicationFoundation3
  • 4MC1203News Reporting & Writig (English/Urdu)Compulsory3
  • 5MC1513Introduction to Broadcast JournalismFoundation3
  • 6MCCS1002Computer SkillsCompulsory2
  • Total17
  • Year 1, Semester 2

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MCHU1013English IICompulsory3
  • 2MCHU1032Islamic StudiesCompulsory2
  • 3MC1803Introduction to Digital MediaFoundation3
  • 4MC1703International RelationsGeneral3
  • 5MC1223Feature, Column & Editorial WritingMajor3
  • 6MCEL1003Foreign LanguageCompulsory3
  • Total17

  • Year 2, Semester 3

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MCEL2013Speak WellCompulsory3
  • 2MC2713Foundation of Public RelationsFoundation3
  • 3MC2723Fundamentals of AdvertisingFoundation3
  • 4MCHU2043Introduction to SociologyGeneral3
  • 5MCEL2023Functional UrduGeneral3
  • 6MC2813Storytelling in Digital AgeMajor3
  • Total18
  • Year 2, Semester 4

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MC2603Introduction to Film & Theater StudiesFoundation3
  • 2MC2413Development CommunicationFoundation3
  • 3MC2103Media Laws and EthicsMajor3
  • 4MCMT2003StatisticsCompulsory3
  • 5MC2213TV Production (News & Current Affairs)Foundation3
  • 6MC2423Mass Communication TheoriesMajor3
  • Total18

  • Year 3, Semester 5

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MC3833Community MediaMajor3
  • 2MC3613DocumentaryMajor3
  • 3MC3003Research MethodsMajor3
  • 4MC3503Data JournalismFoundation3
  • 5MC3823Contemporary World MediaMajor3
  • 6MC3303Contempory Issues in Politics & Economy of PakistanGeneral3
  • Total18
  • Year 3, Semester 6

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1MC3xx3Specialization-ISpecialization3
  • 2MC3xx3Specialization-IISpecialization3
  • 3MC3xx3Specialization-IIISpecialization3
  • 4MC3xx3Specialization-IVSpecialization3
  • 5MC3xx3Specialization-VSpecialization3
  • Total15

For Sixth, Seventh and eighth semester each successful student will opt any one of the following specializations:
  1. Professional Journalism (Electronic & Print Media)
  2. Theater, Film & Television
  3. Advertising & Public Relations
  4. Digital Media and Entrepreneurship

Admission Criteria

At least 45% marks or 2nd division in F.Sc./FA/I.Com./ICS/A level or equivalent.


Until the advent of TV, media, newspapers, magazines and journalism was a public service call. With changing mores of economy, media is now diverse in form and ownership. The rise of new media has created a whole range of new possibilities, and profiles such as Disc Jockeys or Radio Jockeys are not so unusual. A BS degree in media & communication studies opens up opportunities in Journalism, Productions, Film, Public Relations and Advertising, as a career.

In recent years we have perceived the extraordinary growth in the world of Media & Communication. With the increase in the number of television sets, news channels, radio stations, advertising, films and so much more with each growing day, the field seems to be exceeding into a matchless growth and along with it the option of its pursuers to have a dynamic career in the escalating media industry of Pakistan and abroad.

Fee Structure

BS Media & Communication Studies ( 4 yrs, 8 semesters)

  • 1BS Media & Communication Studies25,0009,50013613,17,000


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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