The creation of the FM 92.6 (UCP KI DUNYA) is an important milestone in the educational history of University of Central Punjab. With 500 Watts FM Transmitter and 20 KM Radius, UCP KI DUNYA is the only FM station in educational sector which provides 24/7 transmission to its audience. In UCP radio, students get the opportunity to work together and to keep the airwaves lively. Students learn voice broadcasting techniques, making documentaries, ANR, magazine program, News reel production and live transmission and other program formats. Besides, students also learn the art of vocal production and present their program live and recorded. In our audio terminals, students perform all major editing tasks and learn how to edit, trim, mix, record, and apply effect and many more functionality on audio. With the rapid growth of media market and its further integration with social media, UCP FM radio station has aimed to produce Bi-media professional for existing, National and International media market. This commercial-free campus based radio fits perfectly with the mandate of Universities and their students. The UCP Radio, FM 92.6 is fully integrated with the modern broadcasting facilities. Live streaming to explore new voice artists/talents, auditions are held after every 6 month under the supervision of highly trained UCP media professionals. We guide youth in the right way, make them useful member of the global community and revitalizing their culture and norms which are becoming obsolete.