Professionals having Pharm.D with M.Phil. & PhD degrees are in great demand in the various areas of pharmaceutical research and development (R&D). Research in the Pharmaceutics Department encompasses basic, applied, and clinical investigation in pharmacokinetics/ Biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical technology & biotechnology and drug delivery, and herbal medicines. Other areas where professionals are extending their services are;

  • New Drug Discovery Research (NDDR): Discovering a new drug has assumed prime importance.
  • Process Development (P&D): One of the important areas in bulk drugs industry is developing viable processes for the manufacturing of drugs and intermediates for their commercial production.
  • Formulation & Development (F&D): The success of any pharmaceutical company lies in the quality of its products, i.e., its formulations & dosage forms.
  • Clinical Trials, Bioequivalence studies, Toxicological Studies: These are some of the areas of clinical research, which are in high demand, as they are involved in the systematic evaluation of potential drug substances prior to getting them approved by the authorities.

Faculty of Pharmacy has already launched M.Phil. in Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics), offering graduates of pharmaceutics a career pathway of their choice in their major discipline. Our core ideology is “to provide leadership in advancing the quality of pharmacy education at all levels” is reflected in the teaching, research and service activities while the Pharmaceutics has a ready job market, but still using the university’s existing links with industry and business, the program will create space for its graduates through internships, placements and job fairs.
This degree would be professional degree and equip the graduates to work in their chosen field with confidence, theoretical foundation and practical skills.