Description Of Statistics

Descriptive Statistics: What is Statistics? Importance of Statistics. What is Biostatistics? Application of Statistics in Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences. How samples are selected?

Organizing And Displaying Data

Vriables, Quantitative and Qualitative Variables, Univariate Data, Bivariate Data, Random Variables, Frequency Table, Diagrams, Pictograms, Simple Bar Charts, Multiple Bar Charts, Histograms

Summarizing Data And Variation

The Mean, the Median, the Mode, the Mean Deviation, the Variance and Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation

Curve Fitting

Fitting a Straight Line. Fitting of Parabolic or High Degree Curve


Definitions, Probability Rules, Probability Distributions (Binomial & Normal Distributions).

Simple Regression And Correlation

Simple Linear Regression Model. Correlation co-efficient.

Test Of Hypothesis And Significance

Statistical Hypothesis. Level of Significance. Test of Significance. Confidence Intervals, Test involving Binomial and Normal Distributions

Student “T”, “F” And Chi-Square Distributions

Test of Significance based on “t”, “F” and Chi-Square distributions.

Analysis Of Variance

One-way Classification, Two-way Classification, Partitioning of Sum of Squares and Degrees of Freedom, Multiple Compression Tests such as LSD, The analysis of Variance Models.

Statistical Package

An understanding of data analysis by using different statistical tests using various statistical software’s like SPSS, Minitab, Statistica etc.