1. Role of Pharmacist in Hospital
  2. Minimum standards for pharmacies in Institutions/Hospitals
  3. Research in Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital And Its Organization

  1. Classification of Hospitals
  2. Organizational Pattern
  3. Administration
  4. Clinical Departments
  5. Nursing, Dietetic, Pathology, Blood Bank, Radiology and other supportive services
  6. Role of Pharmacy in Hospital
  7. Hospital Finances

Pharmacy, Its Organization And Personnel

  1. Pharmacy specialist
  2. Drug information Centre
  3. Poison Control Centre and Antidote Bank
  4. Pharmacy Education
  5. Determining the Need of Professional and other departmental staff
  6. Professional services rendered

Pharmacy And Therapeutic Committee

The Hospital Formulary

  1. General Principles and guidelines to develop Formulary
  2. Format
  3. Preparation of the Formulary
  4. Role of Pharmacist
  5. Benefits and problems
  6. Keeping up to date Formulary

Dispensing To Inpatients

  1. Methods of Dispensing & SOP’s
  2. Unit dose dispensing
  3. Other concepts of dispensing, Satellite Pharmacy etc.

Dispensing To Ambulatory Patients

Distribution Of Control Substances

Dispensing During Off-Hours

Safe Use Of Medication In The Hospital

Medication error; Evaluation & Precautions of Medication Error; Role of Pharmacist in Controlling Medication Error.