General Introduction To Clinical Pharmacy

  • Introduction to clinical pharmacy and related terms, definition, basic components, comparison with other clinical fields, scope of services.
  • General guidelines for clinical pharmacy practice.
  • Patient Counseling Compliance
  • Laboratory Data interpretation
  • Electrolytes management
  • Clinical literature evaluation
  • Drug interactions
  • Medication errors

Patient Profile & Patient Counseling

  1. Patient disease profile
  2. Taking case history
  3. Drug Profile of at least 25 Important Medications e.g. Adrenaline, Aminoglycosides, Anti TB Drugs, Antiepileptics, Atropine, Benzodiazepines, Cepahlosporins, Chlorpheniramine, Cimetidine, Digoxin, Dobutamine, Dopamine, Fluroquinolone, Frusemide, Lactulose, Macrolides, Metoclopramide, Morphine/Pethedine, Nifedipine, NSAIDS, ORS, Penicillins, Prednisolone, Salbutamol, Vancomycin.
  4. Patient Counseling

Clinical Trials Of Drug Substances

Designing of clinical trials, Types of trials, Choice of patients, Exclusion of patients and Monitoring a clinical trial.

Emergency Treatment

For example, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Cold Blue

Drug Interactions

Mechanism, Physiological factors affecting interaction, Types and level of drug interactions, Role of pharmacist in evaluating drug interaction & its management


  • Scope, definition and aims of Pharmacovigilance
  • Adverse Drug Reactions and Side Effects: Classification, Excessive pharmacological response, Idiosyncrasy, Secondary pharmacological effects, Allergic drug reactions, Detection, Management of ADR, reporting of ADR in light of international health monitoring system
  • Clerkship in the Clinical Setting. A report Related to Clinical Pharmacy Practices will be completed by the students and will be evaluated by the external
  • Students will also complete a report independently or in a group on a Drug Use Evaluation.
  • Students will take the assignment tasks to enhance verbal presentation, communication, written and problem-solving skills, critical analysis of data and provision of care through a weekly conference and projects.