Marketing Management

  1. Ethical consideration of Pharmaceutical Marketing
  2. Difference between Pharmaceutical Marketing and Consumer Marketing
  3. Major stakeholders within pharmaceutical market environment.
  4. Marketing Research (Process and Methodology)
  5. Market Analysis Techniques 3Cs (Customer analysis, Company analysis, competitors analysis)
  6. Evaluating the marketing performance (audit tools and audit process)
  7. Designing sales force structure, sales force size and sales quota
  8. Marketing channels, Promotion and Advertising and Salesmanship.

Sales Management

Personnel, Buying, Receiving, Pricing, Sales promotion and Customer

Business Development Management

General principles, strategies, short and long term planning and objectives.

Business Communication

importance and benefits of business communication, components of communication, concept and problems of communication, 7C’s of communications.

Strategies For Successful Business And Global Meetings

Background information on groups, purpose and kinds of meetings, solving problems in meetings, leadership responsibilities in meetings, participant’s responsibilities in meetings.