PhD Biotechnology

The program offers a dynamic research environment to produce qualified researchers, innovators, trainers and leaders of biotechnology with complementary skills in the area of business and entrepreneurship. Our PhD scholars are trained in a unique environment to interact and integrate skills arising from basic and advanced knowledge in biological, cellular and molecular processes and from industrial and applied biomedical aspects.



Advances in medicine, greater longevity and a rapidly expanding world population continue to increase the numbers of people at the risk of infection. The situation compounded by the emergence of multi-drug resistant microbes and the lack of new clinically effective anti- infective agents compelled us to establish Microbiology section under FLS. Research within the Molecular Microbiology Group will be directed towards the acquisition of novel molecular and cellular insights into host pathogen interactions, quorum sensing and the evolution of virulence and drug resistance with a view to the discovery of new therapeutic and preventative strategies against Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens.

  • 18 Cr. Hrs. Course Work with minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00
  • Comprehensive Examination (written and oral)
  • Synopsis Defense
  • 30 Cr. Hrs. Research Work
  • Publication of at least one research paper in HEC approved journal
  • Dissertation Foreign Reviews
  • Dissertation Final Defense
  • Note: PhD scholars are required to comply with the following timeline:

Road Map

  • Year 1,

    Sr. No. Course Credit Hours
  • 1Molecular Genetics 3
  • 2Sequence Analysis and Computational Biology 3
  • 3Frontiers in Biotechnology3
  • Total Credit Hours9
  • Year 1,

    Sr. No. Course Credit Hours
  • 1Recent Trends in Industrial Biotechnology 3
  • 2Advances in Health Biotechnology 3
  • 3Food Biotechnology 3
  • Total Credit Hours9

  • Year 3,

    Semester Course Credit Hours
  • 3rd Research & Thesis
  • 4thResearch & Thesis
  • 5thResearch & Thesis
  • 6thResearch & Thesis
  • Total Credit Hours30

Admission Criteria

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for PhD Biotechnology, a candidate must have at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA in MS/M.Phil. in a relevant field. All applicants are required to pass the UCP admission test and interview.


• Senior Research Scientist
• Laboratory manager
• Professor (colleges and universities)
• Lead scientist (private company)
• Principal Investigator (government lab, non-profit organizations)
• Strategy Consultant

Fee Structure

PhD Biotechnology

  • Sr. No. COURSE NAME Per Credit Hour Fee Admission Fee Total Credit Hours Degree Fee
  • 1PhD Biotechnology9,57025000484,84,360

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