BS Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Zoology is the scientific study of the characteristics and classification of animals. Zoology is a vibrant and growing discipline with substantial relevance for modern society. Knowledge of animal’s biology contributes to the development strategies to reduce and cope with pollution, strive for renewable sources, deal with environmental changes, discover new biologically based solution to human/animal diseases and develop biopharmaceuticals. The study of Zoology is increasingly recognized as vital for understanding and protecting our planet.


  • The minimum duration requirement for the award of degree shall be four years divided into eight regular semesters; whereas the maximum allowed time shall be seven years divided into 14 regular semesters.
  • Last semester will be utilized for an internship/house job
  • Fall and Spring semester in each year
  • Summer semester will be utilized for deficiency courses or internship

Road Map

Scheme of Studies


Semester-I (18 Cr. Hrs.)

  • Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • HN1101Fundamentals of Human NutritionFoundation3
  • PAK101Pakistan StudiesInter Department2
  • HN1202Essentials of BiochemistryGeneral2
  • HN1201Essentials of Biochemistry-LabGeneral1
  • HNCS1003Introduction to Information TechnologyInter Department3
  • MAT 101Mathematics IInter Department3
  • ENG 101English IInter Department3
  • ENT101Fundamentals of EntrepreneurshipInter Department1

Admission Criteria


Fee Structure