This course aims to:
        Provide Basic information about Islamic Studies
        Enhance understanding of the students regarding Islamic Civilization
        Improve Students skill to perform prayers and other worships
          Enhance the skill of the students for understanding of issues related to faith and religious life.

Course Contents:-


Introduction to Quranic Studies:

Basic Concepts of Quran: History of
Quran; Uloom-ul -Quran

Study of Selected Text of Holy Quran:

Verses of Surah Al-Baqra Related to Faith (Verse No-284-286), Verses of Surah Al-Hujrat Related to Adab Al- Nabi
(Verse No-1-18), Verses of Surah Al-Mumanoon Related to Characteristics of faithful (Verse No-1-11), Verses of Surah al-Furqan Related to Social Ethics (Verse No.63-77), Verses of Surah Al-Inam Related to Ihkam(Verse No-152-154)

Study of Selected Text of Holy Quran:

Verses of Surah Al-Ihzab Related
to Adab al-Nabi (Verse No.6,21,40,56,57,58.), Verses of Surah Al-Hashar (18,19,20) Related to thinking, Day of Judgment, Verses of Surah Al-Saf Related to Tafakar,Tadabar (Verse No-1,14)

Seerat of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) I:

Life of Muhammad Bin Abdullah (Before
Prophet Hood); Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Makkah; Important Lessons
Derived from the life of Holy Prophet in Makkah

Seerat of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) II:

Life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) in Madina: Important Events of Life Holy Prophet in Madina; Important Lessons Derived from the life of Holy Prophet in Madina

Introduction to Sunnah:

Basic Concepts of Hadith; History of Hadith;
Kinds of Hadith; Uloom –ul-Hadith; Sunnah & Hadith; Legal Position of

Selected Study from Text of Hadith


Introduction to Islamic Law & Jurisprudence:

Basic Concepts of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence; History & Importance of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence; Sources of Islamic Law & Jurisprudence; Nature of Differences in Islamic Law; Islam and Sectarianism

Islamic Culture & Civilization:

Basic Concepts of Islamic Culture & Civilization; Historical Development of Islamic Culture & Civilization; Characteristics of Islamic Culture & Civilization; Islamic Culture & Civilization and Contemporary Issues

Islam & Science:

Basic Concepts of Islam & Science; Contributions of
Muslims in the Development of Science; Quran & Science

Islamic Economic System:

Basic Concepts of Islamic Economic System; Means of Distribution of wealth in Islamic Economics; Islamic Concept of Riba; Islamic Ways of Trade & Commerce

Political System of Islam: 

Basic Concepts of Islamic Political System; Islamic Concept of Sovereignty; Basic Institutions of Govt. in Islam

Islamic History:

Period of Khlaft-E-Rashida; Period of Ummayyads; Period
of Abbasids

Social  System of  Islam:

Basic  Concepts of  Social  System  of  Islam;
Elements of Family;Ethical Values of Islam.