Dielectric Properties of Solids:

Polarization, Depolarization, Local and Maxwell field, Lorentz field, Clausius-Mossotti relation, Dielectric Constant and Polarizability, Masurement of dielectric constant, ferro electricity and ferroelectric crystals, Phase Transitions, First and 2nd order phase transitions, Applications


General properties of semiconductors, intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, their band structure, carrier statistics in thermal equilibrium, band level treatment of conduction in semiconductors and junction  diodes,  diffusion and  drift  currents, collisions and  recombination times

Optical Properties:

Interaction of  light  with  solids, Optical Properties of Metals and Non-Metals, Kramers Kronnig Relation, Excitons, Raman Effect in crystals, optical spectroscopy of solids.

Magnetic Properties of Materials:

Magnetic dipole moment and susceptibility, different kinds of magnetic materials, Langevin diamagnetic equation, Paramagnetic equation and Curie law, Classical and quantum approaches to paramagnetic materials. Ferro-magnetic and anti – ferromagnetic order, Curie point and exchange integral, Effect of temperature on different kinds of magnetic materials and applications.


Introduction to superconductivity, Zero-Resistance and Meissner Effect , Type I and Type II superconductors, Thermodynamic fields, Tow fluid model, London equations , BCS and Ginzburg Landau Theory, Vortex   Behaviour,   Critical   Current   Density,   Josephson   effect   and applications.