To foster student progress by ensuring the proper maintenance of academic records and adhere to academic policies and standards to facilitate the stakeholders by providing exemplary service to the University’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families, while ensuring accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of academic records.


To be a department of professional excellence recognized for student services and always strive to achieve university goals by facilitating other units.

Registrar Office

The Office of Registrar is the custodian of official student academic records and is responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and security of those records. It provides academic support and information to students, staff, faculty and other constituencies.
The Office of the Registrar is the core service provider within the University’s offices. It acts as the facilitator and custodian of all academic, statutory and associated matters of the University. In coordination with other departments, we establish, implement, support, and uphold academic policies related to registration services, enrollment and degree verification, class scheduling, grade processing, managing degree audit, processing degree applications, verifying student enrollment status to lenders, and coordinating/facilitating the University’s campus-wide registration system.


The qualities and behaviors most valued by the office include:

  • Accuracy: correct interpretation and application of rules and policies to maintain and preserve accurate student academic records for the university.
  • Clarity: minimize confusion and misunderstanding by demystifying complex policies, processes, procedures, rules, and regulations.
  • Respect for individual dignity: Consideration of each student’s unique needs and experiences.
  • Responsiveness: Operate and respond to requests in an efficient, courteous, and appropriate manner.

Registrar Office Team

  • Name Designation Email Address
  • Mr. Raheel Anjum Bhatti Registrar registrar@ucp.edu.pk
  • Mr Imran Hussain Deputy Registrar imran.hussain@ucp.edu.pk
  • Ms.Amna Khawar Deputy Registrar amna.khawar@ucp.edu.pk
  • Mr.Ali Imran Deputy Registrar a.imran@ucp.edu.pk
  • Mr.Zahid Masood Assistant Registrar zahid.masood@ucp.edu.pk
  • Mr. Muhammad Irfan Assistant Registrar mu.irfan@ucp.edu.pk

Policy and Procedures

Approved policy and procedures documents of the Registrar Office

Academic Affairs

Handbooks for Faculty/Staff, New programs, Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct:

New Programs Offered in 2019:

  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • BSc. Civil Engineering Technology
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • BSc. Electrical Engineering Technology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Physics
  • BS Zoology
  • BS Botany


Master of Science (MS)/Master of Philosophy (MPHIL) and Doctor of philosophy (PHD) Degree Programs at UCP

Scholarships and Financial Aid/Assistance


Details of Event/Activity organized by the office or participated


The Convocations shall be presided by the patron of his nominee. All officers of the University, Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and such other persons as may be notified by the Registrar may attend the Convocations.
Convocations will be held for conferring the Degree, Diplomas and Certificates of a particular year or years on persons who have been declared by the University to be eligible for award of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates.

Special Convocations may be held for conferring Honorary degrees if the requirement under section 6 of the ordinance have been fulfilled.

The Registrar shall keep a Roll of Convocation containing the names and addresses of the persons including the patron or his nominee who presided over the Convocation, graduates who received their degrees, diplomas and certificates at the Convocation and such other appropriate persons whose names and addresses should be kept in the said roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Details of different types of discounts (PGC, Kinship, Merit based, Sports, for Disable students for new admissions and ongoing students.

Please refer to the link given above under the section scholarship and financial aid.

Discount or Financial Aid in the case of Fathers’ death and the policy and procedure of getting that discount.

In case of the unfortunate death of a father/guardian during study at UCP, such student can apply for financial assistance. Up to 50% of financial aid will be offered overall to the student on the recommendation of an Assessment Committee. Such students will have to maintain a minimum of 3.00 CGPA.

Attendance and Leave Status.

Students must attend every lecture for each course in which they are registered. Students not adhering to the class attendance policy will be restrained from appearing in the final examination and they will be given “W” grade in the course.
Attendance will be counted from the 1st day of the classes. If a student delays his/her registration and the payment of fee, he/she will be marked absent from classes resulting in a shortage of required attendance. Students can take only six (6) leaves/absentees, four (4) approved leaves in each course of 3/4 credit hours during the semester. No fine will be charged on approved leaves however, on absents beyond approved leaves fine of Rs.500 per absence maximum two days for 3 credit hours course and 5 for 4 credit hours’ course will be levied.
A student must have 80% of attendance in each course. The student missing more than 20% of the total classes, will be withdrawn from the course. No transfer of dues or tuition fee is permissible when a student is withdrawn from a course. Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable to next semester in case of withdrawn (W) from a course.

History of fine against different disciplinary actions.

Please refer to the code of conduct for details.

Procedure of Freezing semester

Students who wish to discontinue study for a semester are supposed to get written permission from the Dean’s Office in the first week of the semester. They may resume their study in the next semester after seeking permission from the relevant Dean’s Office at the time of registration.

Transfer process and procedure within and outside UCP

Transfer of credits is decided at the time of admission and is determined on a course-to-course basis. Students applying for transfer of courses must provide all previous academic records to the respective Dean’s Office or Focal person before the commencement of classes. The University’s acceptance of credits from other accredited/recognized academic institutions of higher education is subject to the following conditions:

  • The transfer course must be similar in content and scope to a UCP course or must conform to the same competency level of a similar course taught at UCP.
  • Transfer credits, applicable to all the educational programs, must not be less than the grade ‘C+’. Transfer credits submitted in fulfillment of a specific degree program must have the final approval of the Dean.
  • Transfer credits must come from a regionally accredited and HEC approved institution.
  • Students are allowed to transfer up to 50% of the total courses in UCP academic programs.

Withdrawl process and policy.

In order to withdraw from a course/ courses, a written request must be submitted to the Dean/ Associate Dean one week prior to the final examination. If approved by the Dean/Associate Dean, the students can withdraw from that particular course. However, ‘W’ will appear on the transcript and fees paid for such courses will neither be refunded nor carried over to the next semester.

Procedure of getting NOC and Bonafide Letter

Please download the desired form from downloading section above and comply with the instructions written.

Procedure, process and the cost involved in the Verification of documents

Students can apply for the verification of their documents by applying in registrar office and the duration of process is almost 2 to 3 days.

Address and Name Change Process.

Please download the desired form from downloading section above and comply with the instructions written.

Contact us

Contact information on department/office

(042) 35880007 Ext: : 137, 140, 175, 291, 512, 514 & 619.

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