Information Technology

The Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) was established in 1993 with the aim of producing highly skilled graduates in the field of Information Technology. In 2002, having attained degree awarding status, the Institute became the Faculty of Information Technology (FoIT), University of Central Punjab.

FoIT shares the passion and objective of our parent organization, which is to serve the nation by producing outstanding IT professionals, through exceptional teaching, training and research activities. The goal of FoIT is to nurture students and enable them to establish successful careers as computer scientists, academics and entrepreneurs.

To meet the challenges posed by our rapidly changing world, the faculty’s elective courses in combination with the core courses train students to take up positions in industry, groom them for perfection as researchers, and prepare them to tackle real-life challenges to make a meaningful impact on local communities.

The strength of FoIT is a highly qualified faculty – with specialized training in various fields of computer science from renowned universities of USA, Australia, UK, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Austria – dedicated to produce graduates and researchers with exceptional theoretical and practical skills in the field of computer science. The guidance and support extended by the faculty and administration during the entire learning experience of students has produced outstanding professionals,researchers and educators who are providing services in renowned national and international organizations.

We believe that well-equipped laboratories and state-of-the-art research facilities play a key role in the training and development of IT professionals. To facilitate this process of learning in theoretical and experimental skills, we have project-based as well as general purpose laboratories.

BS Computer Science

The BSCS program is aimed at developing sound foundations in the key areas of computer science…

MS Computer Science

The MSCS program aims at extending the knowledge imparted to students during their undergraduate studies…

Ph.D. Computer Science

The core of graduate studies in FoIT is based on innovative research and continuous development in the field…