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DICE Virtual Innovation Competition 2019

DICE (Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship) is a core base for sustainable progress in the business. DICE foundation is an umbrella, providing a platform to young and talented entrepreneurs not just to innovate but design their visionary ideas. It presents its 1st Virtual Innovation Competition VIC, at University of Central Punjab, organized by Takhleeq Business [...]

27 May, 2019

Iftar for Deserving and Needy People

UCP Catalyst Society plans on arranging an Iftar with the deserving, orphans and widows, this Ramadan to share moments of happiness and show their support and love towards the ones who need it the most. The members will be spending time with the people aiming to spread smiles and serve humanity.

21 May, 2019

Old Age Home Visit

Catalyst Society is planning to visit the Old Age Home to spread happiness among those who don’t have a family to fall back upon. The members of Catalyst Society plan on spending a day at the old age home as a kind gesture towards the senior citizens of our society. The students will be cooking [...]

21 May, 2019


Marketing Association of Aspiring Executives has planned to organize an event “Digi-Mania”. The purpose of this event is to encourage students of UCP and students from other universities to showcase their digital marketing skills in front of industry representatives. This is a mixture of intra-university and inter-university competition and is based on digital knowledge, ad [...]

21 May, 2019


Pursuit is a quarterly conference for educating and inspiring the next generation of business leaders. A fantastic opportunity for University Students, Graduates and Startups to learn from & network with leading Thinkers, Innovators & Entrepreneurs. A day full of inspiration, actionable lessons, practical workshops, and lots of fun! The theme for this quarter is ‘Problems are Opportunities’. Pursuit is proudly [...]

23 Apr, 2019

Our Ground Our Champions

The top 2 highest wicket takers of PSL 2019 are coming to UCP campus. The two champions Hassan Ali and Faheem Ashraf will be accompanied by the best all rounder and recently named captain of the Pakistan U-16s Umer Eman. All three stars will be talking about their experience and inspiring audience with their story [...]

12 Apr, 2019

Seminar on Traffic Awareness & Driving Learners License Camp

UCP Student Council in collaboration with City Traffic Police is organizing a Traffic Awareness Seminar & Driving Learners License Camp on 10thApril, 2019. The purpose to conduct the seminar is to spread awareness to the youth of Pakistan and create understanding among them regarding the importance of traffic laws to ensure safety of the audience [...]

9 Apr, 2019

iOS App Development Workshop

UCP is introducing an iOS Application Development workshop for the very first time for the students of UCP who believe in widening their knowledge of app development. The paid workshop is meant for programmers who want to start developing on the iOS platform. The course consisting of eight classes will start with the very basics [...]

6 Apr, 2019

Workshop on Game Development

UCP is arranging a Game Development workshop for the students who believe more in creating than discovering when it comes to games. The workshop is planned to give the chance to learn and to apply their skills in creating a game on android platform. The workshops will be a course consisting of eight classes and [...]

6 Apr, 2019
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