Aptitude test

What is your education background?

  • Sr. No. Questions Yes No
  • 1
    I like working on DIY projects using circuits
  • 2
    I find it interesting to work with materials like wood and metal
  • 3
    I prefer working on outdoor projects.
  • 4
    I like working with ideas that require an extensive amount of thinking and planning.
  • 5
    I enjoy working indoors for long hours.
  • 6
    I find set routines boring
  • 7
    I have been part of debating activities and can be quite persuasive
  • 8
    I am vocal about my opinions
  • 9
    I consider myself a risk taker
  • 10
    I like to write whenever I have spare time
  • 11
    I love to read fiction/non fiction books
  • 12
    I believe I am a good listener and people feel comfortable around me
  • 13
    I find it very interesting to work with computers/technology
  • 14
    I love solving puzzles
  • 15
    I love working with people, and I have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • 16
    I try to achieve my goals despite initial setbacks
  • 17
    I enjoy working with numbers and big data sets
  • 18
    I am interested in other cultures, values, and history
  • 19
    I am very aimbitious and love to take new ideas forward
  • 20
    I am interested to serve in the field of healthcare
  • 21
    I am curious about plants
  • 22
    I believe I am good at memorizing and recalling information
  • 23
    I go about my tasks quite strategically
  • 24
    I do well in group projects
  • 25
    I like to study animals and know more about them