• EL 101 Computer Communication Networking Lab (CISCO),

UCP hosts a CISCO Regional Networking Academy, where students are given both theoretical and hands-on training up to the CCNA level. This Networking Academy has instructors trained from the Cisco Academy Training Center London, UK and the students who complete the training are issued an official certificate from Cisco System USA which is recognized and accepted worldwide. Students carry out practical work related to computer Communication Networking in this Lab.

  • EL 201 Computer Engineering Lab/Digital Logic Design Lab

The Computer Engineering Laboratory has a network of the latest computers, CAD software, and FPGA development systems to give students hands-on hardware design experience. The lab supports design of digital circuits and the applications pertaining to microprocessors. This lab is equipped with the state of the art equipment. The lab has been upgraded recently.

  • EL 302 Electrical Engineering Laboratory

The Electrical Engineering laboratory is well equipped with modern digital and analog electronic measuring instruments which encourage students to develop
a keen interest towards electrical engineering and to develop small projects, based on their learning. The practical work for the subjects of Basic Electrical Engineering, Network Analysis and Measurements and Instrumentation is carried out in this laboratory.

  • EL 002 Electrical Machines Laboratory

This lab has facilities to perform experiments related to DC machines, Transformers and Induction machines. Three new test benches have been added to this lab and the work stations in the lab have been increased up to ten. Every equipment performance test, related to the undergraduate coursework can be performed in this lab.

  • EL 202 Electronics Engineering Laboratory

The Electronics Engineering Laboratory is well equipped with the state of the art digital and analog instruments. The lab supports the practical work for electronics and power electronics. Here, the students learn the design and performance testing of electronic circuitry.

  • EL 203 Telecommunication Lab/Opto Electronics Lab

Telecommunication Engineering Lab has 12 workstations equipped with the latest analog & digital test and measuring instruments, Radar Communication trainers, Electro optic trainers and Telecommunication trainers. Experiments relating to AM & FM Modulation, Demodulation, Digital Optical Communication, Data Communication, etc. can also be performed in this lab. This laboratory is being expanded on regular basis so that students can learn all about the current telecommunication techniques and technologies.

  • EL 204 Power Engineering Lab / ETAP (Electrical Transient Analysis Program) LAB

A state of the art power engineering lab has recently been established to provide training in the areas: of Generation, Transmission, Protection and Distribution.

  • EL 205 Microwaves & Communication Systems Engineering Lab

The microwave engineering lab is well equipped to provide an excellent grounding in basic microwave measurements right from analysis to the design and investigation of complete microwave systems. This lab facilitates students to acquire hands-on hardware design experience and good insight into the structure of microwave integrated circuits (MIC).

  • EL 301 Control Systems Lab/ FPGA Based Design Lab

Control System Lab is a platform to provide MATLAB and SIMULINK-based simulation and hardware-based practical experience. Since control system is an interdisciplinary course, a rich set of experiments has been developed to help students understanding different applications of the course. The lab contains a number of trainers namely ball bearing trainer, magnetic levitation trainer and inverted pendulum trainer. Lab is also equipped with feedback control instruments. 21 kits for training on FPGA design are available for student’s hands on training.

  • Basement 1 Electrical Workshop

The workshop provides training to students in electrical installation, computer hardware and printed circuit board preparation.

  • EL 306 Research Lab

This facility has been provided to carry out research by the post graduate students Adequate Literature and computer facilities have been provided.

  • EL 305 Physics Lab

Basic experiments facility for undergraduate students has been provided.

  • CL 101 Computer Lab

A dedicated Computer LAB having 50 current computers is in use by Faculty of Engineering. The LAB is used to impart practical training for the courses ‘Fundamental of programming’, ‘Data Structure’ and Numerical Analysis.