Completion of Optimization, Validation, and Multiplexing of 11CHRX MiniSTRs in Pakistan Population” by Dr. Mushtaq A. Saleem

It is with great pride as the University of Central Punjab, Lahore announces that Dr. Mushtaq A. Saleem (Dean & Professor at UCP Life Sciences) has completed his funded project on “Optimization, Validation, and Multiplexing of 11CHRX MiniSTRs in Pakistan Population” the project was funded by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF).

Autobiography: Dr. Mushtaq obtained M.Sc. from the UK; Ph.D. from PU & UK and undertook Postdoctoral Research 3 times at Univ. of Newcastle and Newcastle Gen. Hospital UK in 1992-94, 2005 and 2006 besides several pieces of training in the UK, Germany, and Pakistan. He won merit scholarship throughout his academic career including Saigol Foundation, British Council and EEC Belgium, etc. During Ph.D. & Postdoc in the UK, he discovered a novel field of research regarding various enzymes and macromolecules viz. “Proteases and their role in resistance to insecticides.” It was highly appreciated by UK scientists such as Dr. D. Mantle and Dr. R.M. Wilkins. He won the Research Productivity Cash Prize from PCST and Special Science & Technology Cash Prize from HEC. His field of research is Environmental Biochemistry/Biochemical Toxicology.

He has so far published 133 research papers in International Repute Journals in Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Bangladesh, and Pakistan (of these 98 are in Impact Factor Journals); Published 4 Books; Presented 156 Papers in various International Congresses; Produced/being produced 19 PhDs, 50 MS/M.Sc. (Hons.) and Published 172 popular articles. He served the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, BZU Multan, and Guest Member of Staff at the University of Newcastle UK and visited University Sains Malaysia. Dr. Mushtaq obtained Star Award 2002; Presidential Awards; Izaaz-i-Fazeelat 2003, HEC Best University Teacher Award 2003 and Zoologist of the year Award 2005