International Crisis Chamber (ICC)

The United Nations is a trademark of universal values, principles and morals- all set-in place to ensure humanity and harmony between the various nations and cultures of the world. In such a way, the UN works to propagate understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others in order to work towards the formation of a pluralistic global community. To this, ICC-UCP is no exception. This ICC-UCP aims to instil these very ideals in flourishing young minds through stimulating debates and various tacts of diplomacy, all with the objective of ensuring peacekeeping, harmony and an acceptance of differences. ICC-UCP will become a platform for young diplomats and future leaders to further broaden their perspectives and horizons and leave with a better understanding of what it takes to develop a pluralistic mindset.
MUNs are an exercise in social entrepreneurship and are meant to cultivate social responsibility in the current and future generations, inherent to this skill of public speaking is the understanding that you have a responsibility to those leas fortunate
May ICC-UCP, be the platform to change the world