UCP Dramatics Club

Dramas, short plays, mimes and skits have been regular features of the Dramatic Club’s repertoire at welcome parties, concerts, other events held at the university and external Competitions. The basic aim of the UCP Dramatics Club is to motivate individuals who lack confidence. We inculcate confidence to succeed! The members of the UCP Dramatics Club perform on several platforms which motivates them to work and perform even better in the upcoming events. They work to convey a positive message to the audience through entertainment and highlight social issues present in our society. Through this platform, students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves.


Ahsan Ali

(President UCP Dramatics Club)

Wajeeha Iman

(Vice President UCP Dramatics Club)

Waqar Jamshaid

(Deputy Patron UCP Dramatics Club)

Hina Adeeb

(Patron UCP Dramatics Club)