Webinar “Force of Words: The key role of threats in terrorism and in conflict resolution.”, at University of Central Punjab Lahore

A webinar on the topic, “Force of Words: The key role of threats in terrorism and in conflict resolution.”, was held on the 13th of June, 2022 in the Webinar Hall of the University of Central Punjab. The event was organized by the Department of Political Science and IR under the auspices of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The distinguished guest speaker for the Webinar was Mr. Joseph M. Brown, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA. The key purpose behind organizing this event was to enhance the understanding of students regarding dispute resolution, political peace process, and identity politics, etc.
Mr. Brown first made students acquainted with the importance of threats in the political process of terrorism, then he tried to explain the relationship between psychology and terrorism. Furthermore, he elaborated on the role of non-state actors in violence and terrorism, and to substantiate his point, he gave a reference to conventional wars of non-state actors like for instance, the separatist groups of Sri Lanka i.e., Tamil Tiger and Spain i.e., Catalonia and Madrid, etc. Here, he also mentioned the anticipated threat group for the UK i.e., the Irish Republican Army, the radical fundamentalist like the ISIS, the TTP, and the Nigerian militant group as well.
Moreover, he made students aware with the typology of threats and he then concluded his talk by providing suitable solutions for deterring such issues. In the end, the Question Answer session took place allowing students to ask quality questions to the speaker.