Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Management Society (DMS)- UCP organized a “Seminar on Disaster Risk Reduction” in collaboration with Roshan Duniya, PDMA, Noor Foundation and Shahid Afridi Foundation

The Director of PDMA, Mr. Tariq Masood Farooka graced the event as the Chief Guest. Along with Mr. M. Usman Naveed,founder of Noor Foundation accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Najma Usman. From Roshan Duniya the event was graced by the  program director Mr. Wajahat Ali.

The guests and participants were welcomed by the Patron of DMS, Ms. Shabana Naveed, who signified on the importance of such seminars. She went on the explain that she wished to train the youth of Pakistan so that if they were to ever face a disaster rather than panicking they would be productive and be able to help themselves and others.

Mr. M. Usman Naveed introduced Noor Foundation as an American based NGO that collected funds abroad and helped disaster-struck areas in Pakistan. He motivated the youth on being vigilant during crises and supporting others. Mr. Wajahat Ali represented Roshan Duniya and explained the programs which the organization was comprised of and urged the youth of Pakistan to join them in this erstwhile objective. The programs included; Disaster Management, Healthcare, Education and Water Filteration.

The Chief Guest, Lt. General (R) Khalid Maqbool addressed the audience and discussed the working system of Pakistan Disaster Management Authority. He explained how the institution is divided into national, provincial and district levels. He also focused on how they train teams for disaster risk reduction and the post and pre-steps taken in case of a catastrophe. Additionally he highlighted the fact that the public should show more initiative in preparing themselves for disasters as he explained most of their public awareness campaigns fell on deaf ears.

In the end, souvenirs were presented to the guests and organizers.

Date: 28th November, 2019