Punjab Workers Welfare Fund Scholarships (PWWF)

The University of Central Punjab is offering 100% scholarships to those students who are secured by the Punjab Workers Welfare Funds through the Industrial Relation Act 2010.

Admission Process

A candidate who is eligible for the PWWF scholarship will be applying for admission as a regular candidate and fulfill all the admission requirements as per the University rules and regulations. Once a candidate is selected in the merit list, he/she will visit the Admissions Office to verify if they are eligible to apply for the scholarship and they will also have to submit the supporting documents to proceed further.

Note: Limited seats are available in LL. B and Pharm-D Program.

Eligibility Criteria for PWWF Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to the workers’ children/ workers as per the verified list of the PWWF Committee. The worker needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. A person is qualified as a labor department worker if he is fulfilling the definition of a worker as defined in the Industrial Relation Act of 2010
  2. The worker should have a valid social security card
  3. The worker should have a minimum work experience of 3 years in a factory registered under the Factories Act 1934 or Mines Act 1923
  4. An organization will be considered a factory if it is fulfilling the definition of a factory as it is defined in the Workers’ Welfare Fund Ordinance 1971 or the Companies’ Profit Workers Participation Act 1968
  5. Children of deceased/disabled workers are also eligible to apply for this scholarship provided that the worker/ miner was deceased/ disabled during service, registered under the EOBI/ Social Security, his widow/ legal heir got a Death Grant from Punjab Workers’ Welfare Board or receive a pension from the EOBI/ Social Security
  6. The worker/miner or his child seeking admission should not have been involved in any illegal activity or criminal proceedings

Documents Requirements for PWWF Scholarship

The candidates apply for this scholarship at the time of admission in all the Single Degree Programs. The candidates need to submit the following set of documents along with their admission application form at the time of admission:

  1. Worker/ miner’s CNIC
  2. Worker/ miner’s Social Security Card/ Old Age Benefit Card
  3. Worker/ miner’s Factory Card/ Employee Card mentioning his/ her designation
  4. Worker/ miner’s Appointment Letter
  5. The Factory Registration Certificate under the Factories Act 1934 or Mines Act 1923
  6. CNIC/ Family Registration Certificate issued by NADRA of the prospective student
  7. Worker/ miner’s Service Certificate and a certificate on his/ her good moral conduct
  8. The candidate needs to sign an affidavit on a Rs. 100. Stamp Paper on the undertaking (as per the prescribed format/specimen available at the UCP Admissions Office) at the time of admission with a post-dated cheque
  9. In the case of a deceased/ disabled worker/ miner, proof of receiving a Death Grant/ Disability Pension needs to be submitted