Dr. Nassar Ikram joins UCP as Pro-Rector

Dr. Nassar Ikram joins UCP as Pro-Rector

Dr. Nassar Ikram, a retired two-star Admiral in the Pakistan Navy and a gifted academichas joined UCP.                                                                        

Dr. Nassar Ikram is both a strategic thinker and a mobiliser who we hope will inspire and lead the UCP community. The university will benefit from his rich experience, extensive knowledge, and expertise. We cannot think of a better person to help achieve the university’s vision and we look forward to seeing UCP furthering its mission of being a leader in higher education under his direction. 

In this role, Dr.  Ikram will provide direction in the areas of academics, research, innovation, empirical education, and civic engagement. He will also oversee the development and administration of university policies and strategic goals which will help drive UCP to greater levels of success.   

Before joining UCP, Dr. Ikram served as the Pro-Rector of the National University for Sciences and Technology University (NUST) – Research Innovation and Commercialization (RIC). He framed research and innovation friendly policies which helped NUST elevate its status in these domains. Among these policies, of particular mention, are those that led to the unprecedented growth in University Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) 

 as well as the transfer of technology to the industry. However, the stellar performance and umpire achievement has been the specialization and operationalization of Pakistan’s first Science and Technology Park – a vehicle to catalyze innovation, fully incentivized under Special Economic Zone status from the Board of Investment.  

Dr. Nassar Ikram, is an Electrical Engineering graduate with distinction from National Defense University in 1986.. In 1989, with another distinction, he obtained his Weapon Engineering Application Course from Royal Navy Engineering College, UK. He holds two master’s degrees one in 2014 in National Security & War Studies from National Defence University, Islamabad, and another in 1995 in Electronic System Engineering from Cranfield University, UK for which he won   the best student award. He completed his doctorate in Cryptology in 1999 from Bradford University, UK and won the best IEEE paper award for two of his published papers. 

An active researcher, Dr. Nassar Ikram has 63 publications and 3 book chapters to his credit. He won the HEC Best University Teacher award in 2001. He has supervised several Ph.D. and MS thesis. He established and led Research and Development complex in a strategic organization for 11 years.  

Dr. Nassar Ikram has rich experience in IT security product testing and evaluation. He has also led the team that authored the Pakistan National Security Standard for the testing of Crypto and IT products for the Government of Pakistan. Dr. Nassar Ikram represents Pakistan in Asiacrypt and IT Security Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA).  

A recipient of the President Technology Medal in 2015; Dr. Nassar Ikram, has also been honored with the Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military) and Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military). We look forward to having Dr. Nassar Ikram join us as the Pro-Rector of UCP. His distinguished career and research background aligns well with the needs of our university, and we hope that his experience will be beneficial for the students and community of UCP.