Faculty of Engineering sends Visiting Researcher to Queen Mary University of London

In its first instance of Faculty Exchange, the Faculty of Engineering has sent Jalil Asghar Mirza (Assistant Professor) to the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), UK as a visiting researcher to work on a joint project between UCP’s Electrical Engineering department, QMUL’s department of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) and department of Geography. Mr. Mirza’s objective for this visit is to develop a network of Internet of Things (IoT) based air pollution monitoring nodes along with an IoT based weather station. This project is a part of QMUL’s Living Lab (LL) initiative.

UCP’s Faculty of Engineering has a MoU with the School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science at QMUL. This MoU is spearheaded by Dr. Fesal Toosy (Associate Professor, FOE) who has an active research collaboration with Dr. Stefan Poslad (Director IoT Lab, EECS, QMUL) and Dr. Joshua Reiss (Head of Audio Engineering, EECS, QMUL). Queen Mary University of London is a QS500 ranked university and its EECS department is ranked in the top 20 in the UK.

During this visit, Jalil Mirza recently conducted a workshop/demonstration on wireless air pollution monitoring nodes and IoT based weather station that he developed on this project. This workshop was attended by faculty members, graduate and post graduate students of QMUL. Jalil Mirza has worked for UCP for more than five years and has thirty years of experience in the electronics and telecom industries.