FMCS Film Festival 2021

FMCS Film Festival 2021

The Faculty of Media and Communication Studies (FMCS) is pleased to host the Film Festival 2021, scheduled to be held in December 2021 at the University of Central Punjab, Lahore.

The two-day festival aims to promote the art of filmmaking whilst encouraging creativity and maintaining high standards in storytelling.

The three categories of this year’s film festival include:

  • Short Film
  • Documentary
  • Music Video

Programme Structure:

Day 1: Workshop and screenings

Day 2: Discussion, screenings and closing ceremony


  1. This competition is open for all young filmmakers nationally. Entries will be judged separately according to the categories defined.
  2. A separate fee for each submission should be submitted with the required details for multiple submissions.
  3. The submission should not exceed the time limit mentioned in the poster.
  4. The film and documentary can be in any language. However, films in any other language than Urdu should be subtitled in English/Urdu.
  5. All submissions must be sent via email to the committee of Film Festival ’21 ONLY.
  6. The submitted films will be evaluated by a panel of Judges, prominent personalities of the Film/TV/Music industry. Festival organizers and the University of Central Punjab will not influence the final results.
  7. All panellists’ decisions regarding both shortlisting and the awards shall be final and may not be challenged or debated upon.
  8. FMCS will have no right to broadcast (electronic or online) your content.
  9. UCP will have the right to screen your film to the audience and judges of the festival. However, some shots from the shared content can be used to produce the promos of the festival.
  10. In light of the government’s policies regarding COVID 19, the festival may get delayed or be conducted online


To register, make a submission or know more kindly access the links below