FoLL’s Book Delivery Phase 1

The Faculty of Languages and Literature completed its first phase of course book delivery. Mr. Nohaiz Mehmood (Faculty Industry Liaison Officer, FoLL), Ms. Fatima Urooj (Program Coordinator), Ms. Amna Naeem (Faculty Member, FoLL), and the students of the 8th Semester of BS English visited Baithak School Network (Johar Town Campus) for this task. This school network exclusively targets children in slum areas and provides them with quality education and ethical training till the primary level. Baithak School Network constantly needs financial and other financial assistance to meet its objectives. The delivery of Course Packs from FoLL, UCP is a significant part of this assistance. FoLL’s Social Work committee distributed 500-course books for the students of KG-l, KG-ll, Grade-I, and Grade-ll recommended by the Punjab Text Book Board. In addition, the students from UCP carried out different activities with the young students of Baithak School Network, such as reading, painting, colouring, etc. This project will also inculcate enthusiasm for social service in our graduates.