Guest Speaker Session on Business Idea Generation, Validation and Incubation Department of Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain

Marketing & Supply Chain Gala kickstarted on 20th June 2022. As per the agenda of planned activities, it was paramount to help students learn about business incubation. In the wake of this call, Dr Muhammad Rafique was invited to shed light on the business incubation process. He shared some case studies of success and failure, which he learned first-hand from being the director of the incubation centre at Superior University. The session mainly focused on the importance of idea generation, its validation and viability. Also, financing an idea was discussed to help seeded ideas take a fresh breath of market test. Dr Rafique insisted that Niche management is an emerging area that needs support from various stakeholders. He also visited Project Stalls and gave feedback to the students. Head of Department, Dr Irfan Sabir, presented Dr Rafique as a token of appreciation.