Guest Speaker Session: Process Design and Productivity

Guest Speaker Session: Process Design and Productivity

Process Design and Productivity

Date: Tuesday, 3rd November 2022

Organized by: Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira

In order to develop practical understanding of students and to strengthen academia-industry linkages, a guest speaker session was organized on the topic “Process Design and Productivity” for BBA students on Thursday, 3rd of November 2022 from 9:30 -11:00 am. The session was organized by Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira, (Senior Lecturer Operations and Supply Chain Management, FOMS). Dr. Muhammad Usman Shams, Director Mughal Diagnostic and Research Labs (A Project of Mughal Eye Hospital Trust) was invited as guest speaker. Students from the class of “Fundamentals of Operations Management attended the session. The guest speaker session had following objectives

  • Understand basic concepts of operations management, productivity and performance measures in health care industry
  • Develop understanding of the product and service design, process strategies and capacity management techniques

The guest speaker highlighted different elements of laboratory work flow, quality assessment, performance management and key performance indicators used to measure productivity of lab operations. At the end of the session students asked question related to possible career and entrepreneurial options in healthcare industry and the skill set expected from business graduates. The session concluded with a note of thanks and presentation of souvenir to the guest speaker.