Industrial Visits by Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain UCP Business School

Study Tour: Nishat Hotel, Johar Town, Lahore

Hospitality marketing is the act of marketing hospitality business to the public. The goal is to raise awareness of the business, products and/or services, usually by highlighting unique selling points (USPs). How this is done can vary from company to company and sector to sector. A restaurant may wish to market itself differently from a hotel. However, because most hospitality businesses offer services, the emphasis is usually always on the customer experience offered by the company.

Students from the Department of Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain visited Nishat Hotel on 11-06-22. The Students, along with Dr Raja Irfan Sabir, were received and coordinated by Ms Hafiza Amna, Event Planning Department. They were taken to different parts of the Hotel including Reception, Lobby, Balcony, Roof Top, Banquets, Executive Room, Gym, Swimming Pool, Board Room, etc. The students learned how the concepts of Atmospherics and Empathy are applied in the real time.

Study Tour: Sapphire Textiles, Sheikhupura

Product feature or product design/aesthetics as the key to brand success is a highly debatable subject. Product design is important as that is the first thing that anyone notices off the shelf in retail or on the website which attracts the attention of the people. The product feature is equally important as if it lacks key elements that define the product, it’s of no use either. Therefore, both the design and the feature need to go hand in hand to build a successful brand

In order to learn and grasp real time knowledge of how apparel products are made, students from the Department of Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain visited Sapphire Textiles, Sheikhupura on 13-06-22. The Students, along with Dr Raja Irfan Sabir, Ms Faghia Mazhar and Mr. Kashif Ali, were received and coordinated by Mr Nadeem Wagha, Senior Manager Administration & HR. They were shown all processes of Cloth making, including Weaving, Dyeing, Printing, and Design Studio. And after the visit, a presentation of ERP System being used by Sapphire Textiles was given to the students for a better understanding of how all departments are interconnected.