Industry Visit- Bargad

The department of English organized an industrial visit of students of the Faculty of Languages and Literature (FOLL) to the Bargad Society of Human Resources for Youth Development in the use of the English Language. Sir Nohaiz Mehmood-FILO organized this informative industry visit along with Ms. Fatimah Urooj, Mr. Umair Yaseen (Lecturer), and Ms. Nosheen Asghar (Lecturer). They were greeted by the Executive Director of Bargad Miss Sabiha Shaheen, Program Advisor for Youth Development Policy, Sir Iqbal Haider Butt, and Project Coordinator for Youth Development, Sir Usman Younas.Sir Usman started the presentation by giving a comprehensive overview of the vision of Bargad and how it has been successfully implemented. Bargad is a youth organization established in 1997 by a group of students from the University of Punjab. It was founded to promote peace, justice, and cooperation among the youth of Pakistan. Bargad has been closely working with the Ministry of Youth Affairs Pakistan for effective policy-making for the child. It’s worth mentioning that Bargad technically assisted the Ministry of Youth Affairs in forming Youth Policies in Pakistan. After this informative presentation, Sir Iqbal Haider and Miss Sabiha Shaheen shared practical techniques to grasp effective communication skills for social platforms, report writing, and the latest trends in research areas in linguistics. In the end, Mr. Nohaiz Mehmood thanked BARGAD for providing a fruitful seminar and briefing us about their efforts and accomplishments. Mr. Mehmood also discussed ‘Internships leading to jobs’ for the students of the English Department.