Industry Visit to Ittihad Chemicals Ltd

The Marketing, Operations, and Supply Chain department arranged an industrial visit to “Ittihad Chemicals Ltd”, Kala Shah Kaku, Lahore, on 16th June 2022, accompanied by Mr. Farrukh Iqbal and Mr. Mustafa Hanan Mehboob. Our main agenda was to know the opportunities and possibilities for the liaison of academia with the industry for the benefits and progression of our student body. It will not only provide support to the faculty or the management but will also play an essential role as a scaffolding for the students in the practical field of industry. We had a productive discussion on the future endeavours with the Director of Supply Chain and HR head. The most pondered on, mutually agreed highlighted areas were: 1. Case study writing 2. Consultancy in Marketing and Supply Chain 3. Employment and internship opportunities for the student body led us to visit the site of the operation, followed by a relevant and informative presentation and lavish tea for the students and staff members. The meeting was concluded on the notion that we would continue our collaboration which would lead to a memorandum of understanding in the future.