Legislative Theatre 2022

This year’s Legislative Theatre highlighted the need for a legal framework for the refugees. The world has seen, on their gadgets, the miserable conditions of refugees from Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa etc. This time, the story being staged in legislative theatre revolved around a girl who had been a victim of drone strikes. She narrated her story and her family’s atrocities from displacement and homelessness. She portrayed that as the people and states were not empathetic towards the issues of refugees and homeless people, they scarcely absorbed them in their societies and the neighbouring states. Instead, people and shapes use them as a free bounty or unwanted burden. The incident of her displacement made her feast to satiate society’s hunger. Lack of legal protection nationally and internationally tossed her to face the greedy eyes of many, as a refugee at the camp and Dar-ul-Aman and as a maidservant by those who could have offered her refuge instead. The play ended with a shared tear in the eyes of the audience, interviewing journalist, and of hers, asking, “my homelessness was a vis major, but my remaining so is whose fault?The outcome of the legislative theatre, through the deliberations of the audience and ‘metabolizing cell’, was the resolution regarding how the issue of refugees could be taken up by Pakistan and globally. The resolution so prepared was read over to the audience and, after their votes, was adopted by the house. The resolution is to be tabled in the legislative assemblies of Pakistan with the help of members of metabolizing cells soon.