MOU between UCP Business School and Mughal Iron and Steel Industries

MOU between UCP Business School and Mughal Iron and Steel Industries

UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab, Lahore and Mughal Iron and Steel Industries, Lahore signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tuesday, September 20th, 2022, for the promotion of activities of mutual interests and to foster a culture of solid industry-academia linkages.  

Professor Shafique Ahmed Uqaili (Dean and Director, FOMS) and Mr Fazeel Bin Tariq (Director, Mughal Steel) signed the MOU document on behalf of their respective organizations. In addition, Mr Irfan Amin (Manager HR), Mr Waqas Ali (Sr. Manager Supply Chain), Mr Muhammad Nasir (Deputy Manager HR), Dr Raja Irfan Sabir (HOD, Marketing Operations & Supply Chain Management), Mr Tahir Ashfaq (Associate Professor, FOMS), Ms Syeda Uzma Tahira (Lecturer, FOMS), Mr Sanaullah (Lecturer, FOMS) and Mr Muhammad Mustafa (Department Coordinator) were also present at the occasion.  

Areas of collaboration between the two organizations include: 

  1. Students’ development through internship programs, academic projects and guest speaker sessions.  
  2. Developing case studies or business scenarios from industry for students’ engagement  
  3. We invite representatives from the corporate sector in industrial advisory board meetings of the institution to share knowledge about the latest skillsets required in the business industry. 
  4. Granting access to the corporate sector to young, energetic and motivated youth through their recruitment drive in the university. 
  5. Arranging site visits for students.  
  6. Visit of trainers from the Business School to Mughal Steel to deliver some training on soft skills.  
  7. We invite Mughal Steel knowledge workers to attend seminars or training per the training calendar. 

Through this academia-industry collaboration, both the organizations anticipate optimally utilizing their vast experience and human resources to meet the intense and dynamic challenges present in the fast-paced environment of our country through skill development, innovation and research in their respective areas.