MoU Signing Ceremony between FOIT&CS and TANBITS Pvt Ltd

Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science, UCP signed an MoU with TANBITS Pvt Ltd on August 10, 2023. It is a pivotal collaboration between academia and industry, aiming to foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and practical skill development in the field of information technology. Dr. Muhammad Amjad Iqbal and Dr. Mohsin Ashraf from UCP and Mr. Azwar Habib along with Mr. Awais Manzoor from TANBITS Pvt Ltd signed the MoU.

The MOU is a significant step towards strengthening the ties between academia and industry. The collaboration holds the promise of empowering students with practical skills and industry insights, while also contributing to technological advancements in the field of information technology. Both parties expressed excitement about the future endeavours that will stem from this partnership and are committed to its successful execution.