Recent Research Trends in Supply Chain Management

Webinar: Recent Research Trends in Supply Chain Management

Guest Speaker: Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Kamal (Associate Prof. Coventry University, UK.)
Date: 9th June 2022- Webinar Hall C Building
Department of Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management at UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, organised a webinar on Thursday, 9th June 2022. The topic was “Recent Research Trends in Supply Chain Management”. Dr Muhammed Mustafa Kamal, Associate Professor, Coventry University, UK, shared his knowledge and expertise with students. The purpose of this webinar was to explore research trends in logistics and supply chain management, bring an international perspective to the class and discuss pre requisites and possibilities of higher education for students in international universities. The webinar organiser, Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira, with her students from graduating BBA and MBA batch specialisation in supply chain management, attended the session. After the webinar, Mr. Shafique Ahmed Uqaili (Dean and Director, FOMS) Dr. Raja Irfan Sabir, (HOD, Marketing Operations and Supply Chain Management) and Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira, (Lecturer, FOMS) discussed following areas of collaboration between UCP Business School and Coventry University, UK.

  • Research collaboration
  • Student and faculty exchange programs
  • Summer internships
  • Faculty and student training
  • Joint program development and curriculum development
  • Research symposiums, seminars, and conferences