Report Industrial Visit for Faculty Mughal Iron and Steel Industry Lahore

The event was organized by Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira, Lecturer FOMS, at a manufacturing facility in Lahore. Its purpose was to develop a practical understanding of the faculty of industry operations and to strengthen Academia-Industry linkage. Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira; Mr. Mustafa Hanan; Mr. Muqtadir Hanan; Mr. Usman Mumtaz; Ms. Faghia Mazhar; Mr. Waseem Irshad; Mr. Sarfraz Rashir; and Mr. Basharat Malik were our faculty members who joined.

The industry visit was meant to observe and learn operations and supply chain management activities and bridge the gap between academia and industry. Furthermore, it aimed to mutually develop constructive academic case studies from real-time business practices and situations to facilitate both parties’ growth and development and discuss possibilities for future hiring. It was agreed that a team from the marketing department would be visiting UCP Business School in the coming month, and an MOU would be signed between the two organizations. At the end of the meeting, souvenirs were presented to event managers and UCP Business School Faculty.