Research colloquium

MS and PhD students of UCP Business School presented their research ideas at the Research Colloquium organized by the Department of Marketing, Operations, and Supply Chain thematic group on 20-05-22. Participation in this colloquium is an informal prerequisite to Research Proposal Defense. However, the warm discussion and sharing of thoughts by both sides of the tables turned into a healthy academic activity. The real essence of colloquium met its entirety when young researchers interacted with the panel of learned scholars of the school headed by Dr Asad Hassan Butt.

Mr Naveed Ahmed shed light on brand advocacy through the lens of CSR framework and stewardship theory while focusing on the hospitality sector in Pakistan. Mr Usama Ismaeel explored green purchasing behaviour in the light of reasoned action. Finally, Ms Seyeda Mohanum Gilani presented customers’ behavioural intentions in the presence of gig economy platform-based food applications. The panel appreciated students’ selection of research interests and gap identification to help lead their research to publication in reputed journals and set the proper foundation for Business School’s student body who want to pursue their careers in research & development.