Research Paper Presentation at 4th ICBEEM, IBA Sukkur

Research Paper Presentation at 4th ICBEEM, IBA Sukkur

Department of Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain

UCP Business School

20-21 October, 2022

Paper Presentation: 4th, ICBEEM, IBA Sukkur

Bringing in new clients and keeping old ones is vital for businesses’ growth, productivity, and longevity. Care and patient happiness alone may not be adequate to meet the aims of medical services organizations. Globally, people have high expectations of healthcare companies. Patient satisfaction requires high-quality care. People in Pakistan are upset since most hospitals lack basic health care standards. Employees and nurses affect patient satisfaction. Nurses endure organizational and emotional difficulties in the COVID 19 crisis. Clinics’ offices, atmosphere, and other peripherals affect patients’ encounters and impressions. Moreover, Patient satisfaction is deeply influenced by brand image.

This was an excerpt from a research paper presented by Dr. Raja Irfan Sabir, Associate Professor and Head of Department, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain at the 4th International Conference on Business, Economics and Education Management (ICBEEM) organised by IBA Sukkur.