Articles published in International Journals

Articles published in International Journals

The University of Central Punjab is proud of Mr. Husnain Hamid, a final year student from the Faculty of Pharmacy who recently got the honour of having four of his research articles published in international journals in a short period of 20 days 

 with a commutative impact factor of 3.65.

Husnain’s work revolves around the use of various drugs and substances to control different diseases and the local pharmacist’s knowledge about them.

Speaking about his achievement in research publication Husnain attributed his success to his course instructors who not only imparted theoretical knowledge but also made sure their students made an effort to explore it in the real world. One particular teacher that Husnain feels extremely grateful towards is Mr. Irfan Bashir who guided him through each step of his research journey and also helped him pen it down clearly and concisely.

Mr. Hamid, has also been invited to review two manuscripts. A research conducted in Arizona, USA submitted to the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and the other one is a research carried out in Khathmandu, Nepal which IS being considered for publication in the journal Drugs & Therapy Perspectives.

Husnain’s published work can be viewed at:

A complete list of Husnain’s research work is as follows:

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Published Articles:

  1. Hamid, H., Tabassam, N., Mehboob, T., Aslam, R., Bashir, I., & Khan, K. I. (2019). Morbidity and mortalities by rotavirus: review for strategic measures. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 69(5), 1149-53.
  2. Hamid, H., Khalid, W., Butt, M. H., Baig, T. H. K., Masoos, R. A., Ahmad, M., Tabassam, N., Mehboob, T., Aslam, R., Bashir, I., & Jamshaid, M. (2019). Morbidity rate by tuberculosis among children; a case series report from Narowal-Pakistan. Ciência e Técnica, 34(11), 71-77.
  3. Sarwar, K., Aslam, R., Jamshaid, T., Hamid, H., Mehboob, T., Tabassam, N., & Jamshaid, M. (2019). Pharmacoeconomic considerations and quality of life assessment in hepatitis c patients. Pakistan Journal of Public Health, 9(3), 149-152.
  4. Akram, W., Ijaz, N., Butt, M H., Ahmad, A., Khalid, W., Hamid, H., Khan, Y H., Khan, A H., & Mallhi, T H. (2020). Extent of asthma knowledge among community pharmacists and its relationship with demographics and professional characteristics: a regional analysis. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 39(5), 862-8.


Accepted Articles:

  1. Hamid, H., Masood, R. A., Khalid, W., Tariq, H., Rashid. M. A., & Munir, M. U. (2020). Current pharmacy practices in low- and middle-income countries; recommendations in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Drugs & Therapy Perspectives.
  2. Hamid, H., Khalid, W., Butt, M. H., Baig, T. H. K., Naseer, M. S., Mehboob, T., Tabassam, N., Naveed, R., Akram, W., Bashir, I., & Mallhi, T. H. (2020). Incidence, pattern and clinical characteristics of potential drug-drug interactions from an outpatient department of a secondary care hospital. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy.
  3. Khalid, W., Hamid, H., Naveed, R., Baig, T. H. K., Masood, R. A., Tariq, H., Pervaiz, A., & Mehmood, A. (2020). Potential predictors of unsuccessful treatment outcomes of multiple drug resistance tuberculosis in PMDT setting, Pakistan. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy.
  4. Ali, G., Hamid, H., Amir, A., Abid, Z., Bashir, I., Ahmad, M., & Jamshaid, M. (2020). Evaluating the prevalence and potential predictors of asthma among male university students; a randomized observational study. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy.
  5. Rafique, S., Abaidullah, M., Saeed, M., Shahzad, A., Muqeet, N., & Hamid, H. (2020). Clinical efficacy of salicylic acid (20%) and glycolic acid (35%) in post acne scarring; randomized controlled trials. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 39(6).
  6. Rafique, S., Abaidullah, M., Muqeet, N., Shahzad, A., & Hamid, H. (2020). Characterization of offending drugs for cutaneous adverse drug reactions by first line anti-tuberculosis therapy; a split protocol study. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy.
  7. Rehman, T. U., Hassan, S. U., Abid, Z., Hamid, H., Sohaib, M., Saleem, R. T., Afzal, M., Bashir, I., Aslam. R., Ahmad, M., & Jamshaid, M. (2020). Incidence, characteristics and widespread potential drug-drug interactions of the emergency department; an observational report. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy.


Submitted Manuscripts:

  1. Hamid, H., Masood, R. A., Khalid, W., Saqlain, M., Tariq, H., & Munir, M. U. (2020). Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic; current understandings of epidemiological development and management. Osong Public Health and Research Perspectives.
  2. Hamid, H., Masood, R. A., Khalid, W., Saqlain, M., Tariq, H., & Munir, M. U. (2020). Emerging pharmacy services; Recommendations for emergency care of COVID-19 pandemic in low and middle-income countries. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  3. Pervaiz, A., Anwar, M., Amjad, A., & Hamid, H. (2020). “Ganoderma lucidum” – A Sacred Mushroom for Immortalities; Comprehensive Literature Review. Studies in Fungi.
  4. Zahid, M., Hamid, H., Tahir, N., Amjad, A., Bashir, I., Ahmad, M., & Jamshaid, M. (2020). Desensitization protocols for hypersensitivity induced by cytotoxic drugs; platinum salts and taxanes. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal.

Work in Progress:

Hamid, H. COVID-19 pandemic; barriers and recommendations for the provision of preventive measures in low- and middle-income countries.