Study Tour to Agricultural Fields, Kasur Department of Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain

Study Tour: Agricultural Fields, Kasur 

Agricultural Marketing is one of the various problems which directly affect the cultivators’ prosperity. It is the study of all activities, agencies and policies involved in the procurement of farm inputs by the farmers and the movement of agricultural products from the farms to the consumers. Agricultural marketing plays a vital role in stimulating production and consumption and accelerating the pace of economic development. The agriculture marketing system plays a dual role in economic growth in countries whose resources are primarily agricultural. Increasing demands for money with which to purchase other goods leads to increased sensitivity to relative prices on the part of the producers. Specialization in the cultivation of those crops on which the returns are the most significant subject to socio-cultural, ecological and economic constraints. It is the marketing system that transmits crucial price signals.

Students of the MBA Program and Dr Raja Irfan Sabir visited different agricultural fields in Kasur to explore Marketing and Entrepreneurial opportunities. They visited Pumpkin; Rice; Sesame; Turmeric; Rose Flower; and Myrtle fields.